¡Hóla! I teach Spanish to ALL of the students at Providence Elementary School, from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade. (That's among the reasons why the first lesson is on ¿Como te llamas? (What's your name?) and Me llamo es ______ (My name is -- literally, "I call myself," _____________).

I love it here at Providence!

I have loved learning about languages in general and studying Spanish in particular since I was a kid. Because of my father's work, I got to live in Peru for one summer and also in Nicaragua another summer. My career has been spent about half between being a reporter, especially at The Huntsville Times, and in the classroom -- at every level from 1st Grade to College. Both of these jobs -- journalism and teaching -- have allowed me to be a lifetime learner about new people and new ways of thinking and communicating.

At home, my husband and I live in a little house in the woods with a dog, two cats, and lots of wild deer, turkeys, and honey bees outside (we're beekeepers, too). My two sons are grown and married -- and both love languages, too.

I look forward to continuing my learning here at this Escuela Bachillerata Internacional!
Bachelor's in Liberal Arts at LaSierra University, Master's in English Literature at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, plus doctoral-level studies in Renaissance Literature at Vanderbilt University.
Fine Arts/Foreign Language
Teacher's Aide in England when I was in college there.
Teaching English in Nicaragua one summer
1st Grade
4th Grade
K-6 Classroom Music
High School English, Chorus, Spanish
College: Advanced Writing, Journalism
Also: Religion Reporter & Editor at The Huntsville Times