Hi! My name is Kristina Howard and I am excited to be returning to the Huntsville area. I grew up in and around Huntsville, but have lived in the Birmingham area since 2003. It is so nice getting to be back up close to my parents and brother's family. As for my own family, I have been married since 2006 and have one daughter and one son. We also love our 2 dogs. My favorite hobby instrument just for fun is the ukulele and I am also a song writer. My own music studies began in middle school when I played clarinet. I also took private voice and piano lessons in high school and college. I dove into the percussion arena my Senior year of high school and continued my studies as a percussionist all the way through college as that became my primary focus of study. I also sang in choir from middle school through college, as well. I have loved working with my band families at Chapman since 2020.
B.A. Music Education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham
Class B, P-12 Music, Instrumental
Additional Certified Staff
-3 years as a private percussion and drum instructor with the Birmingham School of Music in Vestavia Hills, Alabama
-10 years with Cornerstone Schools of Alabama, a private International Baccalaureate school in the inner-city of Birmingham, Alabama
-1 year with the Pell City School System at Eden and Iola Roberts Elementary Schools in Pell City, Alabama
-Huntsville City Schools since 2020