Hello hello hello Grissom! My name is Harlyn Williams and I am a North Alabama native. Hailing from Limestone County, I graduated from Athens High School and completed my higher education at the University of Alabama with a brief stint at Oxford University in the UK.

In my formative years I worked at the Alabama Veterans Museum in Athens, AL then served on the History Mentor team in college. All this to say... I love history and always have! My favorite thing in the world is sharing powerful Social Studies and getting hands on with history. Outside the land of antiquities and the realm of the past, my favorite things include coffee (and Red Bull), cats, books, baking, and naps.

In January of 2022, I married my college sweetheart and we began our grand adventure back Sweet Home Alabama. Now that I am back in the land of crimson tides and war eagles, I am overjoyed to get this history party started here at Grissom High School. See you in the history books!
B.S. Secondary Education, Social Studies, and History (The University of Alabama)
ALSDE Class B - Secondary Education in Social Science
Social Studies
Grade 7 Honors/Regular World History and Geography (July 2019 - May 2022)