Blast Off to Reading Challenges

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Date: Oct 29 , 2021

This year ASFL Elementary is participating in a 1,000,000 Word Challenge with Accelerated Reading. Students in grades 1st-5th are working towards the goal of reading 1,000,000 plus words! The words are based on the word count of books students take an Accelerated Reading quiz on. To date, we already have a student who has surpassed that goal for the year.Sanchir E. has read 1,021,022 words! 

Pre-K and Kindergarten students are part of the challenge in a different way. Each class is competing in a 100 Book Challenge! Each time the class reads a book together, students will mark off a space on a 100s chart. The first class to reach 100 books will win a party! Keep reading students! 

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