Eagle Battalion Participates in YLC

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Date: Oct 31 , 2022

The Eagle Battalion participated in the Huntsville, Alabama Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) hosted at the Space and Rocket Center from 27-29 Oct 22.

Youth Leadership Conference (YLCs) are free educational conferences giving US high school students the chance to develop leadership skills via patriotic education. Students attending public, charter and private high schools or who are home-schooled usually participate as juniors or seniors. Single-day YLCs are available for elementary and secondary school students. MOWW interviews, selects and pays for YLC attendance. YLC attendees receive patriotic education, including elements of leadership needed to maintain a free society, concepts of a free enterprise system, and the founding principles upon which the US was built. Attendees develop an appreciation for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., and an awareness of the civic responsibilities associated with preserving rights and freedoms. Students also develop leadership and public speaking skills that help them be better citizens and future leaders.

The general curriculum goal is 50% of class time is devoted to leadership, 30% to US history and US Government, and 20% to the Free Enterprise System and the US Economy. Students interact with instructors and peers in small group discussions, debates, skits, and so forth. Most YLCs conduct a mock trial using an actual US court case. Students also make oral and written presentations.

The cadets obtained a deep knowledge base as a result of attending this conference.

Below are Columbia High School JROTC participants pictured from left to right: Severo Daniel, Ryan Sellevold, Joshua Howell, Nevaeh Washington, Willyam Noyola-Herrera, Nea James, Michael Manrique, Tatiyana Heard and Jessica La.

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