Ms. Coon Interview

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Date: Sep 28 , 2022

Hi! My name is Jayelle Broadnax and today D’Kiiya Fletcher and I interviewed Ms. Nita Coon!

Ms. Coon has been teaching school for 35 years, meaning that she has been helping students learn for more than three decades. Many people may know Ms. Coon.  Maybe she taught at your school when you were younger or maybe your child was in her class. Ms.Coon is a well respected teacher, and we will be telling you about how Nita Coon came to Lakewood Elementary!

Ms. Nita Coon was born in Scottsboro, Alabama. She came to Huntsville, Alabama to take care of her father who was sick at the time. But she didn’t have a job so she applied for one. She started teaching, after many schools she came to Lakewood and began teaching here. She has two kids and one grandchild that she loves more than anything and will do anything for. Ms. Coon’s favorite subject to teach is reading. If she wasn't a teacher she would have been a couch potato as she said. In her spare time she would go home and become a couch potato…She loves the song “Jesus Loves Me” and the reason she teaches students is because she wants to educate children (also because she gets paid well)…that's all for today's interview

By: Jayelle Boadnax and D’Kiiya Fletcher

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