Ms. Pinder Interview

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Date: Sep 19 , 2022

This school year we will highlight faculty members from across the school with articles written by some of our fantastic 6th grade students. Our September interviewers met with 5th grade teachers to learn a little bit more about their interests and what brought them to Lakewood. Our second interview was with Jayelle Broadnax and veteran 5th grade teacher, Ms. Pinder. 

Hi, I'm Jayelle Broadnax and today I interviewed Ms. Pinder, a 5th grade teacher in Lakewood Elementary School. Ms. Pinder has been a teacher in Huntsville for 8 years. But why did she become a teacher? Ms. Pinder was born in the Bahamas but when she got older moved to the United States. Let's get to the interview questions. The first question was why did you want to become a teacher? Ms. Pinder answered saying, “I met a little girl who didn’t understand a question and helped the young girl.” She thought to herself maybe I can help more kids like her. The next question I asked was how did you come to Lakewood? She said she had got a call from are former principal Mr. Barnes. Later on she started working here at Lakewood Elementary. Next I started to ask personal questions. The next question was what is your favorite subject to teach? Ms.Pinder’s answer is math, she said that math is a little troublesome for some students and needs to be practiced a lot. I also asked, what did you want to be when you were a kid? She said she wanted to be a business woman. I later asked what she does when she’s not teaching. She said she likes to read in her free time. I asked her if she had any kids, her response was, “My students are my children,” which is so kind. I also asked what her favorite song was. Her favorite song is “I’ll trust you lord.” 
And this is my report on our 5th grade teacher.

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