Ms. Tucker Interview

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Date: Sep 09 , 2022

This school year we will highlight faculty members from across the school with articles written by some of our fantastic 6th grade students. Our September interviewers met with 5th grade teachers to learn a little bit more about their interests and what brought them to Lakewood. Our first interview was with D'Kiiya Fletcher and our new 5th grade teacher, Ms. Tucker. Welcome to Lakewood Ms. Tucker!

Hi, my name is D’Kiiya Fletcher and today I will be interviewing Ms.Tucker. The first question that I asked was how many years has she been teaching and she said she has been teaching for 8 years. The next question was what made you become a teacher, she said it was her purpose and it makes her happy to do it. What made you teach 5th grade, I asked her. She said it is a good grade to teach before you go to middle school. I then asked her what is your favorite subject to teach. She said science because there is a lot to do when you are teaching science. What did you want to be when you were little, I also asked her. She said she wanted to be a cook and inventor. Ms.Tucker is from Decatur, Alabama and has two kids. Her favorite song is “All the Stars” by Kendrick Lamar, and her favorite thing about being a teacher is the relationship with her students and parents.

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