New Computer Coding Lab

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Date: Jan 24 , 2023
Category: General News

A new computer coding lab is being implemented with a group of 5th graders by our GATE teacher, Mrs. Jaida Allen. The program is called Jumpstart Python, which teaches students the python coding language. The founder of Firia Labs, out of Madison, AL, has been training the GATE teachers in Huntsville City Schools. Mrs. Allen was able to secure enough supplies for 20 students to participate. She started with her students, and chose the remaining students based on teacher recommendations. She said that she suggested girls because "data strongly indicates that if you target 5th grade girls, there is a higher percentage of them pursuing careers in math and science."  Students will begin by learning to program microbits, and will work their way up to learning how to program a robot. We are all looking forward to seeing what our amazing students learn! 

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