Principal's Message 2-27-23

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Date: Feb 27 , 2023
Category: General News

Dear Blossomwood Families,  

How much time does your child spend each day in front of the TV or playing video games? Most of us would be surprised at how much time we spend doing so each day, including me. Recently, I have had multiple parents ask how can I best help my child at home. Here are a few suggestions: 

  1. Track how much time your child spends daily/weekly watching TV or playing video games. 
  2. Establish a daily routine or time when he/she completes homework/assignments.
  3. Ask your child to help measure things when you cook as well as help with various projects around the house. This can help your child become a problem solver while also improving math skills related to measurement. 
  4. Ask your child open-ended questions instead of closed-ended questions that often only require a one word answer. Requiring children to respond with a complete thought is teaching them to think, and it will often help you learn more about what is going on in their daily life.
  5. Encourage your child to read prior to going to sleep. This practice can become a wonderful, relaxing habit they continue as an adult. 

How Can I Help My Child Develop More Patience

In this era of on-demand entertainment, online shopping and instant communication, it can be challenging for children to learn to wait. However, patience is vital for learning and interacting in school.

Here's how to help your child develop more patience:

  • Explain that everyone has to learn to wait, and that you're going to help your child with this skill.
  • Be empathetic. Let your child know you understand how hard it can be to wait for something.
  • Offer opportunities to be patient. When your child asks for something, say, "In a minute." If you're on the phone, develop a hand signal that means, "When I'm finished."
  • Help your child save money for something instead of buying it right away.
  • Enjoy activities together that require patience, such as playing board games, putting together jigsaw puzzles, baking and planting.
  • Help your child develop strategies for waiting - like singing songs quietly, playing "I Spy" or reading a book to pass the time.
  • Model patience. Stay calm when you're stuck in traffic, for example, say something like, "It looks like we're going to be in the car for a while. Let's use the time to play a word/math game."

With practice, your child will learn the patience needed for success in school and in life.

Source: Parents Make the Difference - January 2023

Black History at Blossomwood

We continue to enjoy learning about Famous Black/African Americans this month in all of our classrooms, and we will continue to learn about all groups of Americans throughout the school year!

The National Black History Month 2023 theme is “Black History Supporting Black Businesses.” This year we are focusing on the “unknown” Black Americans and their creative contributions in various areas related to entrepreneurship.

Many of our students have been researching about famous African Americans as well as learning about the impact that they have made on our country and our lives today. As you can tell by the picture of one grade level's "bottle biographies," our students did an excellent job and really enjoyed their projects.

Several different African American "bottle biographies" created by fifth grade students are displayed in the library.

We will be having our Black History Program/Assembly on February 28 at 1:30 pm in the school cafeteria. Parents and community members are welcome to join us!

Laptop Request

With the ACAP testing right around the corner (following Spring Break), we are asking that students begin leaving their laptops at school so they can be prepared for ACAP use. Should you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Let's have another great week!​

Bradley A. Scott, Ed.D.

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