Student Newsletter

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Date: Nov 01 , 2022

Hello everyone! We are Owen Allen and Harper DeBolt in Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Segal’s homeroom. We have created a 6th grade student-led newspaper for JVE 6th grade. We created this newspaper because we wanted our classmates to be informed in a fun way. If you read the paper you would expect to see funny season themed jokes, interviews from our fellow students and teachers and holiday-themed papers. One of our favorite segments is called “Top 5.” Top 5 where we pick 5 students from a category we pick for each week. For example, one week we did ‘funniest halloween costumes.’ Another one of our favorite segments is ‘student spotlight.’ Student spotlight is where we interview a student or students and ask specific questions, like last week we interviewed twins. It turns out they do not have that much in common with the questions we asked.

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