Physical Education

At the Academy we will focus our teaching based on the Alabama Course of Study for Physical Fitness. Grades K-5 will focus on movement activities, rhythms, lead-up games, testing for the President’s Challenge on Physical Fitness, outdoor/ indoor activities, and fitness activities.

We want to build a strong foundation for our students’ future in physical activities. This means our students need to obtain body as well as space awareness, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, an optimistic view towards physical fitness, and most importantly, have fun throughout the school year in our physical education program.

The Middle School Physical Education is a program that stresses use of specific sports skills in a cooperative environment. Vigorous fitness activities are designed to develop fitness and to enhance self-concepts while meeting the individual needs of young adolescents. These activities are divided into the following three categories: Individual/Dual Activities such as badminton, tennis and President’s Physical Fitness testing; Team Activities such as basketball, flag football, hockey, and volleyball; and Leisure Activities such as bowling, and jogging.

Physical Education is a state requirement. If students need to miss PE for a day due to illness or injury, please send a parent note into the homeroom teacher. If students need to miss physical education class for multiple days, please send a doctor’s excuse to the homeroom teacher. Middle school students missing PE for illness or injury and in attendance will have a written assignment (generally from the health book) to be graded for their daily participation grade.

Physical Education Dress

Tennis shoes must be worn during physical education class at all times to provide proper stability in movement. Elementary girls need to bring shorts or pants to wear under dresses or skirts. Students in grades 6-8 are required to change clothes for health and safety reasons. Dress for middle school PE includes basketball style gym shorts, white t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Sweatpants and sweatshirts are allowed in cold weather.

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