Choral Program

AAA Choir programs are made up of 6-8th grade choirs with a Show Choir group that will have performance opportunities. There are two 6th grade choirs that have to have a combined rehearsal together before performances. The Show Choir and the Concert Choir will have rehearsals for SCPA (State Choral Performance Assessment), which is required. These groups are serious rigorous performing groups that need the extension of the rehearsal to perform up to their ability for evaluations. They will represent our Academy in exemplary way and rehearsals reinforce and allow the students to feel prepared and confident in their art form. Each group auditions in the Spring and has required performances throughout the year. These performances require mandatory rehearsals after school rehearsals that require the students to sing together with others. Parents will be notified through notices, website, and the weekly AAA Choir Newsletter.


Instructor: Jonathan Snodgrass

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 

Audition and magnet scheduling.
Minimal costs for items not provided by school or Academy Choral Parents
Requirements: Winter Concert, Spring Concert, School Performances and State Choral Performance Assessment. Rehearsals are required on an as needed basis.

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