I am a mother by blessing (one grown daughter), teacher by calling, and artist by way of living. I have always loved school, so teaching was the natural choice for me.

I am aspiring to include dairy goat farming into my life and tend to 7 goats, a varying number of chickens and 2 hound-dogs daily. My home life is endless inspiration for my teaching. I continue to love coming to school to see what new things I can learn and what new things I can teach. To borrow a few favorite phrases from one of my favorite artists, Andy Goldsworthy, "Art is nourishment to me. I NEED it!" And "I stop at a place because there is something to be discovered." School, where I teach AND learn is one of those places for me. I feel so very blessed and privileged to be here.

I see my place in the classroom as facilitator of learning. It is my responsibility to help students learn to think critically, persevere with solving problems, and work together respectfully in diverse groups. I can't describe the joy I feel when a student "gets it."
University of Florida - Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature
Athens State Universtiy - Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Class B, Elementary (75A)
Grade Level: K-6
Elementary Education (0N1)