Sometimes on the way to a dream you get lost and find a better one. Previously employed by two Fortune 500 companies, Merrill Lynch and American Express, Dr. Collins’ first passion was investments and maneuvering the stock market with fellow brokers. Although her experiences in this field was rewarding, her desire to make a difference in the lives of future generations was much stronger.

Dr. Collins began her career in education as a high school mathematics teacher at a Title I school in Jacksonville, FL, her hometown. She taught Algebra I, Geometry Honors, Algebra II and Trigonometry. She realized great success facilitating student achievement of benchmarks and academic growth regarding state assessments and college readiness. In conjunction with this feat, Dr. Collins organized and managed the afternoon tutoring program, as well as the Saturday and Sunday tutoring programs. Additionally, Dr. Collins served as a member of the Leadership Team, the Department Chair of Mathematics, Geometry Team Leader, Assistant Athletic Director and Tennis Coach. As a result of her outstanding service, she was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2002. She has enjoyed many highlights in her teaching career, but attributes one of the greatest highlights of her career to her participation in a Distance Learning Program. In this program, the students at her Title I school got the opportunity to learn with students from more affluent backgrounds. The district got the pleasure of seeing the students from affluent backgrounds learn from students of a more disadvantaged background, strengthening her belief that all children can learn. As an extension of her instructional practice, Dr. Collins also worked for the Florida Junior College, tutoring Pre-Calculus and Calculus.

Following a request from a district leader to join the education team as an administrator, Dr. Collins returned to school, University of North Florida, to attain her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. After earning her Masters, she was placed at a Middle School, where she served approximately 500 students and 16 teachers as the instructional leader for the 8th grade house.

Two years later, Dr. Collins moved to Huntsville, Alabama to be closer to family. She was appreciative to gain employment with Huntsville City Schools as a mathematics teacher at S. R. Butler High School for the 2008 – 2009 school year. Since that time, Dr. Collins has served as an Assistant Principal at University Place Elementary School (2009-2011), S. R. Butler High School (2011 – 2013), The Huntsville Center for Technology (2013 – 2015), and Huntsville Junior High School (2015 – 2018). As such, Dr. Collins has served as an educational administrator at all levels of K -12, ensuring teachers deliver challenging, engaging and relevant instruction for all students. Moreover, she has served on the board of The Use Me Project as an academic advisor.

Dr. Collins’ sincere belief that “all children can learn” has guided the way she engages students with learning. Her students have always managed to rise above the expectations, matriculating into college and career opportunities with ease and confidence. Dr. Collins’ love of teaching has recently led her to write and publish a book, infusing literacy into mathematics via story telling. The book is called The Doctors of Number Operations. Furthermore, as a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., she is always seeking occasions to serve her community through leadership, education and service.
Masters of Education, Educational Leadership - University of North Florida, 2006
Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, 2014
Class A, Educational Administrator (081)
Grade Level: P-12
Educational Administrator (81P)

Class B, Secondary (16A)
Grade Level: 6-12
Mathematics (015)
Dr. Collins gained employment with Huntsville City Schools (HCS) in July of 2008 and has worked for the district as an assistant principal for 8 years. During her employ with HCS, Dr. Collins earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction in the fall of 2014.