I was inspired by my parents to pursue a fine art education, my father is an artist-Fine art professor, and my mother is an architect-art professor. Both my parents, my youngest sister and myself graduated from the same college, faculty of fine arts, in Cairo Egypt. Coming from a professor’s family, and knowing the importance of the teaching profession first hand, I was encouraged by them to finish my graduate education in fine art.

I taught visual art for five years while finishing my master’s degree in fine art in 2002. Then my husband got a full scholarship to finish his Ph. D. in Environmental and Industrial Engineering in the USA. This move blessed me with so many opportunities, one was finishing my second Master and Doctoral candidacy in curriculum and instruction, with empathies on art education at Kansas State University. I lived in four different states, but I am happy to have settled in Madison with my family, and calls Alabama my home.
Fine Arts/Foreign Language
B.F.A. - Faculty of Fine Arts at Helwan University, M.F.A. - Faculty of Fine Arts at Helwan University, MA. E in curriculum and Instruction- School of Education at Kansas State University, Ph.D. candidate in Curriculum and Instruction- School of Educati
Previously, I worked overseas as an art instructor at the Higher Institute for Applied Arts in Cairo, Egypt. I have a sum of four years of teaching experience in higher education, I taught visual arts (printmaking, graphic design, book illustration, art history, art criticism and aesthetics).