Military Family Resources

Welcome to Hampton Cove Middle School, where we love our military-connected families!  Please check out the useful resources below to help get you acquainted with our programs serving military families here at HCMS!

Military Family Liaison

Ms. Crystal Hunter

JS2S (Junior Student 2 Student) Program

The JS2S program at Hampton Cove Middle School helps to bring military and civilian students together in ways that make new students feel welcome, create a positive school environment, support academic excellence, and ease transitions.

JS2S students serve as orientation new student liaison throughout the school year. As new students arrive at HCMS, our JS2S students serve an active role in easing their transition, in addition to hosting special events.

The most common events that JS2S hosts are the New Student Breakfasts.  Group members have the opportunity to interact with students who have transitioned into our school recently. Members create a program for each breakfast session to ensure that new students have all of the information needed for a successful assimilation into the school culture.

In addition, JS2S members have a major part in the transition of 5th graders to 6th grade. They assist during the different 5th grade transition days that Hampton Cove Middle School hosts. They present information about the school, give tours and help facilitate new friendships. Members host the "Becoming a Bull Night" school event where they recruit new members, give tours and help attendees find the appropriate classrooms and stations.

Our JS2S students wear purple S2S t-shirts and buttons with our Hampton Cove Middle JS2S logo.

JS2S meets monthly.  The meeting dates are chosen by the students to ensure that meeting sessions do not conflict with other school activities that they would like to pursue.


District Resources

Learn more about the resources offered across Huntsville City Schools on the district Military Families page.

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