National Junior Honor Society

he National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is the nation's premier organizations established to recognize outstanding middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character and Citizenship.


Anne Sebghati

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 

Selection for induction is a multi-step process…

1. A list of eligible students will be selected based on the academic and behavioral qualifications. Students must have a cumulative average of 85% for the first semester of 7th grade and receive no suspensions (in or out) and less than 3 silent lunches/breaks and/or office referrals.

2. A student invitation letter informing students of their qualifications will be handed out Friday February 17th during Advisory.

3. If students are interested in applying for induction, they are to attend an information session on Friday February 24th at 7:30 in the AV room.

4. Students who want to apply will have 5 weeks to complete their application packet. This packet must be completed and turned into Mrs. Bell no later than 3 pm on Friday March 31st. Applications will NOT be accepted after this time.

5. A faculty council will convene to review the packets. Students will be graded on district National Junior Honor Society Rubric.


  • -Cumulative academic average of 85 or higher.
  • - A score of twelve points or higher on the following Rubric:


  • Shows leadership in five or more classrooms or community activities – 4 points
  • Shows leadership in three to four classrooms or community activities – 3 points
  • Shows leadership in one or two classrooms or community activities – 2 points
  • Shows no leadership skills or examples – 0 points


  • Completed or (proposed with adult sponsorship) 10 or more hours of service – 4 points
  • Completed or (Proposed with adult sponsorship) 7 or more hours of service – 3 points
  • Completed or (proposed with adult sponsorship) 5 or more hours of service – 2 points
  • Has completed or proposes no community service hours


  • No suspensions, no office referrals, no detentions/silent lunches – 4 points
  • No suspensions, no more than one office referral or detention or silent lunches – 3 points
  • No suspensions, no more than two office referrals, detentions or silent lunches – 2 points
  • One or more suspensions or three or more office referrals, detentions or silent lunches – 0 points


  • Actively involved in three or more school or community clubs/organizations – 4 points
  • Actively involved in two school or community club/organization – 3 points
  • Actively involved in one school or community club/organization – 2 points
  • -Not actively involved in school or community clubs or organizations – 0 points

6. By April 28th, students will receive either their acceptance or rejection letter.

7. An induction ceremony will be held in May for students accepted into Hampton Cove’s NJHS.

Other Info: 

Information on meetings will be shared in the weekly Bullpen, through a student Edmodo page, and announcements during the school day.

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