Library Media Center


Mary Beth Duncan, Library Media Specialist

Hours of Operation:

The library is open from 7:45am to 2:45pm.

Vision Statement

Provide collaboratively planned activities and high quality resources that encourage students to become lifelong readers; critical thinkers; and effective evaluators, users, and communicators of information.

About our Library Media Center

  • Average Copyright 2002

  • Average Student Reading Engaged Time 34 min per day

  • Average Circulation 94 books per child

Reading Promotions and Rewards

  • Dawson Day of Reading

  • Reading in My Pajamas Parade

  • 50 Point Club Game Truck Reward

  • I Love Reading Parade

  • Read the Most Coast to Coast

  • 100 Point Club Skate Party

  • Year long bulletin board showing Schoolwide Reading Progress

  • Awards for AR goal achievers are created, printed out on heavy card stock and given to teachers for presentation at award ceremonies

  • Points to Pixels where students earn 13 points in AR per month to play Plat Station 4 or XBox1 games

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