Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary


Love. Learn. Lead.


Our vision is for students to be self-disciplined, productive, and to think beyond themselves.

We, the faculty and staff of Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary, are committed to providing all students with the behavioral and academic skills to reach their fullest potential and to become responsible life-long learners.  We believe that all students are capable of learning and are responsbile and accountable for their academic performance and for their own behavior.

School History

Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary was established in 1967 to serve the Northeast Huntsville Community and accommodate the growth that occurred during the 1960's.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School is located south of the Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University.  The site where the school is located was originally farmland.  There is still a field adjacent to the school where crops of hay, corn, and cotton were cultivated on a rotating basis.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School initially served grades 1 through 6 and is currently serving Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade.  Kindergarten classes were added in 1974.  In 1984, 6th grade students were moved to Chapman Middle School. 

In 2006, the HEALS, Inc. Clinic was added to the campus HEALS is located inside the main building.  "Health Establishments at Local School (HEALS), Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency dedicated to providing accessible quality, school-based primary health care for children and their siblings through collaborative efforts with the city school system and the medical community.  Click here to visit The HEALS, Inc. website for more information.

In 2010, Lincoln Elementary School closed and the students zoned for Lincoln were merged into MLK, Jr.  The school facility adequately houses all instructional programs.   Our number of students is currently 482, although the total student enrollment fluctuates with withdrawals and enrollments.  Huntsville City School provides 100% of our students with a free breakfast and a free lunch.  Due to the high number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunches, MLK, Jr. recieves Title 1 funds.

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