Do you remember the games you would play when you were a child; cops and robbers, being a mom taking care of the house and children, or even being a secretary taking notes and typing on the typewriter? As a child I played “school” and was always the TEACHER! I have loved the science and profession of education since I was a small child. Being an educator is far beyond my passion; it is my purpose! I have been an educator in various capacities from daycares to private academies to corporate trainer. For over 26 years I have loved the process of imparting knowledge not only through written curriculum but, through relationships and authentic learning experiences.

I am a reading enthusiast! As Montview’s Reading Specialist, I provide resources and strategies to help students applicably appreciate literature and excel in Reading Literacy.
Additional Certified Staff
B. S. Early Childhood Education (Athens State University)
M.Ed. Early Childhood Education (University of West Alabama)