English--Creative Writing Club

This club is designed to motivate students to write creatively and to quickly develop a love of writing, even in the most reluctant of students. We hope to make writing itself an act of joy. It is by creating a passion for putting words onto paper first that we can then open an avenue toward improving overall writing performance. This club gives an opportunity for students to express themselves in pictures and words, stories and other writing projects.



Alice Steiner Email: alice.steiner@hsv-k12.org

Meredith Shelton Email: meredith.shelton@hsv-k12.org

Katharine Woolsey Email: katharine.woolsey@hsv-k12.org

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 

There are no joining or membership requirements.

Other Info: 

Cost: N/A

Phone: 256-428-7380 Location: Ridgecrest Elementary School

2016-17 Session: Last Friday of each month

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