Student Council

The student council serves as a democratic method for all students at Ridgecrest Elementary to have a choice in the operation of the school. Student council allows every student’s ideas to be heard. Student Council officer’s or representative’s duty is to represent the views of your classmates at each Student Council Meeting. Student council gives you an opportunity to learn about the democratic process and leadership. The Student Council Representatives keep the students, principal and teachers informed of each other’s ideas, needs and opinions. The Student Council assures that everyone in our school cooperates in the day-to-day responsibilities of being part of a school community. As leaders, you will participate in special activities and work together to solve problems.



Lora Walker Email:

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 

Requirements or limits: 5th Grade Elected

Other Info: 

Cost: N/A

Phone: 256-428-7380 Location: Ridgecrest Elementary School

2016-17 Session: Last Friday of each month

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