Rolling Hills Greenpower Team

The mission of the Greenpower program is to introduce students to not only design, but manufaturing processes and project management as they learn concepts of drafting, 3D modeling, advanced manufacturing and fabrication, leading to the "on -track " real world racing aspects of testing and evaluation.  Greenpower is designed to help change the opinions of young people about engineering.  Students design, build, and race an electric car.  

Greenpower roots and origins are in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects, as well as community outreach and marketing.


Ms. Cynthia Rutledge Wyatt-Owens

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 

Students in fifth and sixth grades at Rolling Hills Elementary will attend an informational meeting about the Greenpower program in the fall; this meeting will be an overview of the program and what is expected of its members. Students who are interested in joining the Greenpower team will complete an application in the fall of each school year and submit it to the team sponsor, Ms. Owens. Students must also have at least one teacher recommendation that should be sent directly to the team sponsor, Ms. Owens AFTER she receives their completed application. Ms. Owens will contact students directly who are selected for the team.

Other Info: 

The Greenpower Electric Car Challenge is offered from elementary through high school level. Student teams design and build single-seat electric cars that race in local and international competitions. The cars are built from kits, allowing students to design their own body and engineer car parts through 3D printing, based on their own designs.

Link to National Organization:

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