The Goal for Whitesburg Football-

To have hard work, good sportsmanship, dedication, teamwork, perseverance, and love of the game

Plan for accomplishing our goal-

Through a personal commitment from each team member: practices that will equip, teach, and motivate players; he dedication of the coaches to do what’s right for the team and program; the support and cooperation of the parents and fans; have an atmosphere of hard work while enjoying what we are doing and having fun; most importantly, a positive attitude.

My Coaching Philosophy-

To use my knowledge to inspire student athletes, to teach them the skills necessary to win on the field and in life. “Football is like life, it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority”. Vince Lombardi


Mrs. Lindsay O'Neal

Durell Robinson  

How to Join / Membership Requirements:

Parents: Any athlete looking to be apart of the football team here at Whitesburg Middle, must first be enrolled at the school, and must have all documentation submitted to our athletic director so that it can be scanned into c2c to make the athlete eligible to play under AHSAA.
Information for the 2021 Schedule, please email or with any questions.


 HCS Athletic 2022 Schedule- Whitesburg Football.pdf

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