Williams Physical Education Department

Williams Middle School Physical Education Department offers a combination fitness and sport based curriculum in adherence with the Alabama Course of Study as well as International Baccalaureate program standards with an adapted component for special needs students. Through this course we teach not only basic health and nutrition facts but also rules skill sets and strategies for popular competitive athletic sports while practicing good hygiene and proper warm-up technique prior to performance. In addition our program is centered on teaching and practicing the type of “lifetime” sports and physical activities that foster cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, balance, agility and range of motion that can and should lead to a high quality of life for our students well into maturity and beyond.


Coach Winston, Coach Shea, Coach Cleaves, Coach Robinson

How to Join / Membership Requirements:

Edmodo Codes Robinson= d9m4mg Shea = 97ahnj Winston = xi3m6j

Other Info:

Physical Education Dress Code and Lockers

All physical education students have the option to purchase a PE uniform. $10 for top and $10 for bottom.

If students choose not to purchase this uniform they may wear black or blue athletic shorts and a PLAIN t-shirt with sleeves. In the winter months sweatpants will be allowed. Girls shorts must come below the knee.

Any students not in uniform or not meeting PE guidelines, will be asked changed and a 10 point deduction will be reflected on their grade.

Locks are mandatory! BOYS AND GIRLS must have a lock for their PE locker. Locks are available for rent from PE department for $5.00. NO KEY LOCKS!!!!

All Williams Fan clothing purchased last year may be worn. New fancloth merchandise will be available at the beginning of the year.

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