Student Government Association

SGA exists to allow students to develop their leadership skills and engage in the democratic process. Students will work together to both plan and enact community service projects, legacy projects, and school social events. Along with guidance provided by the club sponsors, SGA reps will be involved in all stages of planning for each project, from beginning to end. Students are encouraged to take the lead and have a voice in what sort of projects SGA heads and how they will play out. Opportunities are available for all representatives as each representative will belong to a committee, headed by one of the class officers, with a specific focus.


Mrs. Kaylie Ramos

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 

Each homeroom is entitled to two representatives for SGA. One representative is chosen by election and one chosen by appointment by the teacher. School-wide officer positions, such as class president, are only available to students who are homeroom representatives first.

Students wishing to run for school-wide office should receive a permission form from Mr. Callicutt. This form stipulates that students must adhere to the Behavioral Learning Guide, maintain a B average in all core classes (with a C average in all electives), and be signed by the student, a guardian, and his or her homeroom teacher. Those running for office will have a week-long campaign, which will end with the school voting on their officers.

Link to National Organization:

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