Principal's Message 1-23-23

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Date: Jan 24 , 2023
Category: General News

Dear Blossomwood Families,  

Every day counts! If your child only misses two days of school each month, they will miss a total of 20 days for the school year. As you can imagine that can have a significant impact on the student's academic achievement both for the current school year as well as for years to come. Please help us by encouraging your child(ren) to be on time and present each and every day. 

Regardless of your child's age or grade level, it is important for them to read for at least 15 or 20 minutes each night. When we encourage this daily literacy habit, many students struggle with choosing just the right book to read. While it is helpful to ask our media specialist, Ms. Fuller, or your child's teacher for help, here are some additional tips that you can use for helping students to find just the right book.

What Should I Read?

Children who know how to select good books are on their way to becoming lifelong readers and more successful students. Here are a few tips:

  1. When picking books, suggest that she look at the cover of the book and read the description on the back. This will give her an idea of what the book's about. Then, she can flip through the pages and look at the illustrations. Does she think she will enjoy it?
  2. Tap into your child's interests. If she is excited about rocks or baseball, have her ask the librarian for help finding books on those subjects.
  3. Together, think of books your youngster has enjoyed, and make a list of the authors. Help her look for more of their stories at the library or local used bookstore.
  4. Encourage her to discuss books she likes with friends and to ask them what books they like. She will receive suggestions for new books or might even trade favorites with friends.

Congratulations to Ms. Shirley and her Fourth Grade Students!

Ms. Shirley was recently chosen as one of four recipients to receive the Jenice Riley Scholarship which includes a $1,000.00 check to fund a special learning project. Last Friday, Mr. Phillip Jordan from the Alabama Humanities Center visited Blossomwood and formally presented the $1,000.00 check! It was a special time for both Ms. Shirley and her students!

The project is called "Alabama the Beautiful," and it is designed to allow students to research, explore, and learn what makes other communities and/or counties within Alabama special as well as a variety of famous Alabamians who have contributed to society. Because Alabama History is a major component of the fourth grade curriculum, this project presents a hands-on learning experience that brings history alive and will hopefully inspire our students to explore beyond their communities.

Ms. Shirley is presented with a $1000.00 check from the Alabama Humanities Center.  She is accompanied by Dr. Brad Scott.

Let's have another great week!​

Bradley A. Scott, Ed.D.

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